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Cremation and Funeral Advanced Planning

Why Choose Sierra Cremation and Burial?


A 2015 survey conducted by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council found that:



Sierra Cremation and Burial Inc. offers several options for advanced planning and payment of for cremation and funeral services, including the transfer of pre-arrangements. We can review existing pre-arrangements to see how we can provide you with increased value and lower costs.

Through our partnership with National Guardian Life, we are able to offer insurance policies guaranteed to cover the costs of arrangements made, protecting you from inflation and unforeseen circumstances. 

  • 89% of respondents feel a discussion about their end-of-life wishes would be meaningful.

  • 69% Would prefer to pre-arrange their own service.

  • YET, only 17% have actually made those arrangements.

How to Start

  • Online

    • Use our online store to create and customize your preferences, and receive a quote instantly when complete. Once we receive your request we will schedule an appointment to finalize payment and policy issuance.

  • Schedule Appointment at Our Office

    • You can schedule an appointment online by clicking here, via email, or by phone.​

    • We will review our cremation and funeral options to create the perfect arrangements.

    • We can complete all arrangement and policy paperwork in one quick visit.



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Find out how Away from Home Assurance by SepioGuard can provide coverage when traveling away from home, both nationally and internationally.

The Managing Director for Sierra Cremation and Burial Inc., Gregory Wallace Hoyt, is a licensed funeral and burial insurance agent in the state of California (License#: 4021511)

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